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The New
Threat Landscape

Traditional signature-based security won't protect you from zero-day and targeted APT attacks.

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The FireEye Threat
Prevention Platform

The FireEye platform fills the security holes left wide open by next generation firewalls, IPS, gateways, and AV.

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Over 95% of companies compromised*

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The Buzz

Through acquisition and organic development, FireEye has successfully expanded its presence from a network-based threat detection company to a holistic cyber attack solution provider.

IDC, 2014

IANS conducted a Return on Security analysis of the FireEye Web Malware Protection System (MPS). The estimated average net total return is $16.5M. This represents a positive three-year return on security for FireEye, including the entire cost of both acquiring and deploying the system.

IANS Return on Security Report, 2011

FireEye is clearly the next generation of network security. Their unique signature-less technology is simply unmatched in detecting and blocking this new breed of advanced malware.

Director of Security - Global Financial Services Company

Incumbent defenses fall short…existing anti-malware initiatives are no longer enough.

Forrester Research, Inc., 2011

Organizations face an evolving threat scenario that they are ill-prepared to deal with.

Gartner, Inc., 2012

FireEye is stellar! We were able to clearly demonstrate what the FireEye appliance was doing for our response times and for our abilities to expediently remediate and protect the environment from advanced malware, zero-day and targeted APT attacks

National Laboratory lead analyst - Cyber Defense team
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Why FireEye

FireEye is a leader in stopping the new generation of cyber attacks, such as advanced malware, that easily bypass traditional signature-based defenses and compromise over 95 percent of enterprise networks*. FireEye has invented a purpose-built, virtual machine-based platform that provides real-time threat protection to organizations across all major threat vectors and each stage of an attack life cycle.

* Based on FireEye end-user data

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