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FireEye Founder and CEO Receives Another U.S. Patent for Countering Advanced Cyber Attacks Such as Zero-Day, APTs, and Targeted Attacks

FireEye Founder, CEO, and CTO, Ashar Aziz credited with the creation of innovative enterprise network defense system

MILPITAS, Calif. - Oct 25, 2011 – FireEye, Inc. the leader in protecting enterprises from advanced malware, zero-day, and targeted attacks, today announced that the U.S. Patent Office has awarded patent no. 8,006,305 B2 (“Computer worm defense system and method") to FireEye founder and CEO, Ashar Aziz for creating a malware defense system and method. The application for patent was filed in June 2005 and the final patent was issued on August 23, 2011.  The patent is one of many from Mr. Aziz and other members of FireEye who are defining the next generation of security architecture to combat advanced cyber-attacks. To view the entire U.S. patent, please click here.

The patent abstract reads as follows:
A computer worm defense system comprises of multiple containment systems tied together by a management system.  Each containment system is deployed on a separate communication network and contains a worm sensor and a blocking system.  Computer worm identifiers generated by a worm sensor of one containment system can be provided not only to the blocking system of the same containment system, but can also be distributed by the management system to blocking systems of other containment systems.”

Today’s advanced cyber attacks easily bypass all traditional signature-based security defenses, such as firewalls, IPS and gateways, so aggressive innovation is critical to protect corporate networks against zero-day and targeted attacks.  This core FireEye patent covers the use of transparent, signature-less virtual machine (VM) analysis to generate malware intelligence for automated, inline blocking of self-propagating malware and global sharing of that intelligence for other subscribers to this threat feed. As a result, the entire end-to-end FireEye security architecture has now been patented.

“This patent highlights the fact that FireEye has long been developing leading edge technology for enterprise malware security,” said Ashar Aziz, Founder, CEO, and CTO, FireEye.  “As malware and crimeware continue to advance in technology, FireEye has the knowledge and execution to create new technologies to deal with these highly dynamic threats.”


About the FireEye Malware Protection Cloud
FireEye and its customers have formed one of the most reliable sources of real-time threat data in the world. The FireEye Malware Protection Cloud interconnects FireEye appliances deployed within customer networks, technology partner networks, and service providers around the world. This worldwide cloud efficiently shares auto-generated malware security intelligence, such as covert callback channels, as well as new threat findings from the FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab. The 2011 takedown of the largest spamming botnet in the world, Rustock, was based on FireEye Malware Protection Cloud data and work with Microsoft, Pfizer, and the University of Washington.

About FireEye, Inc.
FireEye is the leading provider of next-generation threat protection focused on combating advanced malware, zero-day and targeted APT attacks. FireEye's solutions supplement security defenses such as traditional and next-generation firewalls, IPS, antivirus and Web gateways, which can't stop advanced malware. These technologies leave significant security holes in the majority of corporate networks. FireEye's Malware Protection Systems feature both inbound and outbound protection and a signature-less analysis engine that utilizes the most sophisticated virtual execution engine in the world to stop advanced threats that attack over Web and email. Our customers include enterprises and mid-sized companies across every industry as well as Federal agencies. Based in Milpitas, California, FireEye is backed by premier financial partners.


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