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Central Management (FireEye CM Series)


The FireEye CM series is a group of central management platforms that consolidate the management, reporting, and data sharing of the FireEye NX, EX, FX, and AX products. The easy-to-deploy, network-based CM platform locally distributes threat intelligence, auto-generated from the FireEye deployment, in real time helping the entire organization stop targeted attacks. It also enables centralized configuration, management, and reporting of FireEye threat prevention platforms.

FireEye NX, EX, FX, and AX platforms generate real-time advanced threat intelligence using the Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine. The CM acts as a distribution hub ensuring the entire FireEye deployment has the same dynamic protections against the advanced targeted attack underway. In addition, subscribers to the Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud can configure the CM as the primary server for sending and receiving threat intelligence.

  • Streamlines and centralizes management of multiple FireEye platforms – Reduces time spent managing configurations, threat updates, and software upgrades, leveraging dynamic configurations and remote management of individual or groups of platforms
  • Smooth workflow integration from dashboard to details – At-a-glance security dashboard helps track Web and email threats and lets you drill down to see specifics and take action
  • Consolidates and preserves data to speed reports and audits – Provides a central storehouse for audit-relevant security events to meet long-term data retention requirements
  • Reveals the life cycle of blended attacks – Working with the FireEye NX and EX, the CM correlates malicious URLs with the originating emails and the intended victims to reveal the entire attack life cycle and help protect other potential targets