Assess and Prepare

Plan for risks other companies never consider

To get ahead of threats you need to get into the heads of attackers. With over 13 years of cyber defense experience, as well as 250+ intelligence analysts monitoring attackers worldwide, FireEye can tell you if, when and how they are likely to attack, and what they’ll be after - so you can be prepared for both the likely and the unexpected.


"Cyber criminals are relentless and very creative. It's imperative we continually evaluate our security posture to defend against attacks. The expertise of Mandiant consultants equips us with the knowledge we need to constantly reduce risk and improve how we operate."

- Anton Bonifacio, CISO, Globe Telecom

For assessment and preparation, it's about the long view

Be protected

Breach impact can be mitigated with deep insights about your operations and threats faced.

Get the big picture and the details, inside and out. Law firms and insurers trust our rigor to manage risk – and so can you.

Be alert

Experts use time-tested best practices to assess risk and shore up cyber defenses.

Rely on our experts, and build up your own team. Don’t take our word for it. We were voted Cyber Service Vendor of the Year by organizations like yours.

Be productive

Efficient, effective plans for inevitable attacks pays off now and in the future.

Bolster the confidence of your security team by letting them work on cyber security that matters instead of filtering time-wasting alerts.

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Apply decades of FireEye best practices to your security preparations

  • Red Team Operations Use Red Team Operations to test how well your people, processes and technology protect your most critical assets.
  • Penetration Testing Use Penetration Testing to identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities that can lead to your most critical assets being compromised.
  • Security Program Assessment Get tailored, actionable recommendations to help improve your security posture, reduce risk, and eliminate the consequences of security incidents.
  • Compromise Assessment Evaluate whether attackers are currently operating undetected in your environment or whether they have been there in the past.
  • Industrial Control Systems Healthcheck Reduce security vulnerabilities in SCADA and ICS environments, and learn how to go beyond regulatory and standards requirements to close those gaps.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Risk Assessment Use M&A Services to gauge the risk profile and security posture of a merger or acquisition target.
  • Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment Identify an organization's level of cyber risk for insurance underwriting.
  • Incident Response Retainer Reduce the time to respond to a security incident and minimize its impact on your organization.
  • Response Readiness Assessment Inventory, assess and compare your existing incident response capabilities, processes and tools with leading practices and develop specific, cost-effective recommendations to improve your security posture.
  • Tabletop Exercise Evaluate your organization's ability to effectively execute your cyber incident response plan.
  • Cyber Defense Center Development Build your own computer incident response team (CIRT) or security operations center (SOC) to better manage your security process and resolve future cyber threats.
  • iSIGHT Intelligence Subscriptions Real-time global cyber threat intelligence and analysis to identify, block, analyze and respond to advanced cyber attacks.
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Services Design, build and mature intelligence-led security capabilities.

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Assess and Prepare

Assess & Prepare

Plan for risks that other companies never consider

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Detect & Prevent

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Analyze & Respond

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