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Blog posts categorized under executive perspectives generally cover the latest news and trends in cyber threats and cyber security. Mindful of executive interests, they address broad technology issues as well as the costs and business impact of cyber security.

    FireEye - A Partner to the State, Local Government and Education Sectors

    By Bret Brasso | Strategy

    FireEye has developed a unique understanding of the challenges that State and Local Governments and Education sectors face. We have aligned our solution and product development to help them meet and rise above those challenges, ultimately helping them take a proactive approach to cyber security.


    Same Music, Different Musicians

    By Tony Cole | Business Of Security

    Keeping up with the latest patches is critically important, especially in the wake of the latest activities by two separate Advanced Persistant Threat (APT) groups.


    APT30 and Lessons for ASEAN

    By Bryce Boland | Advanced Threat Trends
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