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FireEye Advanced Threat Report 2H 2011 Now Available

The new FireEye Advanced Threat Report for the second half of 2011, released today, is not your typical threat report. The threats we cover aren’t the known malware and spam you’ll find published in reports from traditional security vendors. Instead, what you’ll find is insight into advanced threats that have successfully evaded traditional lines of defense, including firewalls, IPS, gateways and antivirus.

Looking at shared threat data from global deployments of FireEye Malware Protection Systems (MPS), we are continuing to see a new breed of cyber-attacks emerge. These attacks are dynamic and stealthy and are extremely effective at compromising network leaving nearly every enterprise vulnerable to data theft, cyber-espionage, and intellectual property exfiltration.

Key 2011 FireEye Findings

  • The fastest growing malware categories in the second half of 2011 were PPI (pay per installs) and information stealers.
  • Of the thousands of malware families, the “Top 50” generated 80% of successful malware infections.
  • Over 95% of enterprise networks have a security gap despite $20B spent annually on IT security.
  • Spear phishing attacks increase when enterprise security operations centers are lightly staffed or understaffed, particularly during holidays.

In order to close the $20B IT security gap, enterprise security leaders must supplement their traditional defenses with a new layer of security designed to detect and block the highly targeted, sophisticated zero-day and APT attacks.

To find out more, including what were the most prevalent malware categories in 2011 and the kinds of advanced techniques malware programs have been using to avoid detection, download the FireEye Advanced Threat Report 2H 2011.