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Richard Bejtlich Talks About Chinese Hackers and Cybercrime on NPR’s Weekend Edition

On Saturday morning as most of us were stumbling through our first cup of coffee, MANDIANT's CSO, Richard Bjetlich, was engaging in a thought provoking discussion on NPR Weekend Edition on the rise of China as a major player in cybercrime and cyber-espionage.

Richard notes that a lack of concern about international reputation and persistence are the hallmarks of China's involvement in cybercrime and cyber-espionage. "Culturally, they are very interested in being seen as responsible, but when it comes to their actual work on the ground, if you try kicking them out of your network on a Friday, they're back on a Monday," he said on the show.

But Richard, like most cybercrime experts, including Mike McConnell, former director of national intelligence at the NSA, is hopeful that the United States' new found willingness to talk about the deleterious effects of Chinese-instigated cybercrime and cyber-espionage on the US will lead to some real changes in terms of pursuing the bad guys and creating some enforcement mechanisms.

To read the transcript or listen to the story click here.