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Just Released - FireEye Advanced Threat Report - 1H 2012

Advanced Threat Report 1H 2012

The third issue of the FireEye Advanced Threat Report was released today. We are excited to share this report which contains the latest advanced threat information and new insights into the continued evolution of the cyber threat landscape. Advanced malware continues to grow and in the first half of 2012 is up nearly 400% vs. the first half of 2011. On average, an organization is experiencing 643 advanced malware infections per week. Keep in mind that this is advanced malware, which are unknown threats that have not been seen before, and that bypass traditional signature-based security defenses such as next-generation firewalls, IPS, gateways, and AV. The report highlights five key findings, a few of which are included here.

Advanced threats come into organizations via several threat vectors—the Web, email, and files. While web-based threats are significant, the dangers of email-based threats are growing more severe. Links and attachments delivered via email have been the source of some of the high-profile advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks such as the RSA breach, GhostNet, and NightDragon. These targeted spear-phishing emails are up, because they work. But spear phishing emails are evolving with the use of malicious links becoming more prevalent than the use of malicious attachments.

Advanced threats are posing challenges to enterprises and government agencies across the board. Industries with intellectual property, customer information, or critical infrastructure to protect are particularly vulnerable to advanced threats. Notable increases in advanced threats have been seen in the healthcare, financial services, and energy/utility industries while the technology industry continues to experience a high level of advanced threats. No industry or government agency is immune.

We hope you find the report informative and useful. And, more importantly, we hope organizations and government agencies take action to protect themselves from advanced threats. Read more in the FireEye Advanced Threat Report by filling out the form below.