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Introducing the New FireEye Security Platform - One Solution to Detect, Contain, Resolve, and Prevent Threats

I am excited to announce the expansion of FireEye’s MVX-based security platform. The newly enhanced platform incorporates endpoint protection and managed security services from recently acquired Mandiant, as well as new analytics and intrusion prevention capabilities. Each one of these new solutions can drastically improve an organization’s threat posture, and with this new security platform, we can offer our customers one security solution to detect, contain, resolve, and prevent threats. We’ll be showcasing each of these products over the next few weeks and have demonstrations of the entire platform at the RSA conference in San Francisco later this month. In the meantime, here’s what’s new in the platform:

A better approach to IPS - Introducing MVX-IPS

Current Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) suffer from two weaknesses: they are signature based and therefore unable to detect modern threats, and they create excessive alerts, requiring customers to devote resources to managing their IPS systems. Today, as part of the updated FireEye Platform, we introduced a new approach to intrusion prevention. FireEye MVX-IPS extends the FireEye MVX technology to the IPS layer, eliminating both problems created by traditional IPS solutions. The unique architecture of the FireEye MVX-IPS allows validation of attacks identified by IPS, reducing alerts and allowing security teams to focus on genuine threats.

Building on the best of Mandiant technology and expertise

As you know, FireEye acquired Mandiant earlier this year in what was considered the combining of two industry leaders. This acquisition could not have come at a better time as targeted attackers are becoming more calculating and determined in their mission to acquire intellectual property from the world’s leading corporations, SMBs and government agencies. With Mandiant’s boots on the ground expertise and visibility into the endpoint, FireEye’s Security Platform is enhanced to offer our customers a more complete view of activity on their network. Key to the new platform are Mandiant’s endpoint security products and managed services.

Endpoint Security

The FireEye security platform now incorporates Mandiant’s endpoint threat detection and response products (formerly sold as Mandiant for Security Operations). Customers can confirm when network and email alerts result in compromise and make faster and more accurate decisions about incidents. FireEye endpoint security products also give customers the ability to contain impacted devices with a single click, even when they are outside of an organization’s network.

Managed Defense Subscription Services

FireEye’s continuous monitoring subscription service now benefits from additional expertise from Mandiant’s Managed Defense service. Organizations will now be able to choose from an expanded menu of monitoring and protection services and draw on FireEye security analysts to actively hunt for adversaries to find and stop attacks as they begin to unfold.

New Threat Analytics

Current security solutions create more noise than quality threat information. Our new threat analytics capabilities are designed to perform real-time correlation of event logs leveraging FireEye’s threat intelligence to identify when attackers are active in your environment. This will allow security teams to apply FireEye’s threat intelligence to security event data generated from their existing security infrastructure so they can find and scope attacks as they are unfolding. This will allow organizations to get more value out of their existing security infrastructure while accelerating incident response and improving time to resolution.

Our MVX technology has changed the security industry by providing dynamic, real-time analysis of advanced threats. The new FireEye security platform is bringing MVX technology to more layers of the security environment and together with Mandiant managed services, we’re able to offer a solution like no other in the industry. If you plan to attend RSA USA 2014 in San Francisco, I hope to see you at FireEye’s booth for a demonstration of the new FireEye security platform.

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