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Security as a Differentiator: Investis Partners With FireEye Managed Defense to Offer Its Clients the Very Best in Cybersecurity

This is a contributed post from Alex Booth, COO, Investis

As a provider of digital corporate communication services to many of the world’s leading companies, information security is of critical importance to us here at Investis. In order to be the world’s safest platform for managing digital communications and hosting corporate sites, we wanted the strongest security partner in the business. As COO of Investis, this was a critical decision which is why I wanted to share the reasons we chose FireEye Managed Defense. To give you the short version, though, the choice was easy - the long version of which you can see in the video below or get a synopsis of in this post...

We are an ISO 27001 certified company and a member of CISP, the UK government’s cybersecurity information partnership. We believe you can never take security too seriously, especially in a digital landscape with increasingly sophisticated cybercrime. With that in mind, we wanted the most advanced solution to protect our environment and clients, and FireEye was the perfect partner to help us safeguard against advanced threats.

FireEye is the cybersecurity partner of choice for many of the US’s largest firms and its subsidiary, Mandiant, was selected by the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) as one of four vendors certified to respond to cybersecurity attacks targeting the UK’s national infrastructure.

As a result of an on-site assessment by Mandiant consultants, we chose to augment our security team with the FireEye Managed Defense service.

We are looking forward to working with the great team over at FireEye to ensure we offer our clients the very best in cybersecurity.