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Detecting and Adapting to the One-Percent: Delta Testing Assesses FireEye Against Other Advanced Threat Protection Solutions

FireEye has come a long way since its founding in 2004. A decade ago, our purpose-built Multi-vector Virtual Execution (MVX™) architecture for web and email security reimagined the security paradigm with its ability to detect the known and unknown threats that continue to evade most security products today.

Today, Delta Testing revealed numbers on our detection capabilities as part of a test comparing Advanced Threat Protection solutions from AhnLab, Checkpoint, Fidelis, McAfee, Vendor A, Trend Micro and FireEye products. FireEye stood out with a 99 percent detection rate – three times the detection rate of the second-ranked Trend Micro. In fact, the average rate of detection among the six vendors not named FireEye was just 17 percent.

For the comparison, Delta Testing deployed real, unknown malware samples rather than modified versions of previously discovered malwares. This methodology reflects the reality of today’s advanced attacks – they are unknown – and is a far more accurate way to assess advanced threat protection solutions.

While none of the vendors had 100 percent detection rates, we owe our high rate of detection to the fact that MVX technology was built specifically for detecting attacks using previously unknown vulnerabilities and malwares as opposed to detecting attacks using known vulnerabilities. That said, the results tell another pivotal story about security today: no vendor can claim a 100 percent detection rate, meaning the most valuable security vendors are the ones who offer a complete approach to detection, prevention, analysis, and response.

While having the best detection capabilities is core to our success, we at FireEye have known that well-funded, well-trained, or nation-state sponsored APT groups will always find a way through the best detection offerings. This is why we have the FireEye Adaptive Defense™ approach: to catch the one percent of attackers who, when determined enough will defeat any product and compromise your network and your business.

Adaptive Defense takes the focus of security off just detection by making it possible to respond to a successful breach in minutes rather than months. Through a combination of incident responders, threat intelligence, and forensic solutions, we turn the widespread damage that a highly determined adversary would cause into miniscule damage.

We are excited to see that Delta Testing has affirmed why more than one-third of the Fortune 500 and 2,700 organizations around the world trust FireEye products to detect threats. However, just like with MVX a decade ago, we are more excited about how Adaptive Defense will give us an opportunity to once again change the way security is done – by attacking the one percent who will break through your detections.