60 Minutes Part II - FireEye is Back!

A little over four months ago, more than 18 million viewers watched the 60 Minutes segment “What Happens When You Swipe Your Credit Card,” in which FireEye was featured prominently. It was the most watched 60 Minutes broadcast in two years. 

                     60 Minutes Correspondent Steve Kroft and FireEye President Kevin Mandia


Earlier this year, this legendary TV broadcast magazine was back for more, again turning to FireEye for our insights on the evolving threat landscape. Correspondent Steve Kroft and his producers spent a day on the FireEye campus and hours interviewing FireEye President Kevin Mandia for a segment that will appear on the 60 Minutes broadcast this Sunday, April 12.

We’ll see how this all comes together Sunday night - starting with this preview. Check your local TV listings for broadcast times – you won’t want to miss this.