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FireEye Mobile Threat Protection for Samsung KNOX Now Available on the GS6

Last month at Mobile World Congress, we previewed a new FireEye integration with Samsung KNOX enabled devices that allows FireEye to scan user-downloaded apps for malicious behavior before the application installation is completed. Today, we’re announcing the availability of this solution to all FireEye customers looking to improve their mobile security posture.

As mobile becomes the primary platform for the majority of the population, malicious actors are flooding the market with spyware, malware and adware designed to exploit a less vigilant mobile user not used to taking the normal precautions on their mobile device as they would with their personal computer. Here at FireEye our researchers have found that of Google Play apps with more than 50k downloads 31% contain remote exploitable vulnerabilities.

IT departments have the challenge of being flexible and offering BYOD environments as well as securing company confidential data. The challenges they face are user behavior, lack of awareness of the mobile threat landscape and implicit trust of downloads from known app stores.   

Until today there was no way to stop mobile malware dead in its tracks. Users and CSOs had to wait for a device to become infected and hope the infection was detected quickly. This work flow still left the user vulnerable while the device checked in with the backend provider or the app on the device detected the infection.

FireEye for KNOX have teamed up together for a better solution. Our new integration uses Samsung’s secure APIs to enable FireEye to suspend an app from running on supported Samsung devices until it has analyzed the application for security risks. This allows the users the flexibility to use their devices as they like while CSOs provide mobile security knowing that an app won’t be allowed to run on the user’s device until it has passed through the FireEye engine and in compliance with the company’s security policy.

To see FireEye for KNOX in action, check out the video below:

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For more information, please check out the Samsung announcement here.