In Case You Missed it: FireEye’s Top Stories

Most of us try to keep our fingers on the pulse of the cyber industry, but it’s impossible to read every news item. We’ve compiled the top stories of the week here to make it easier for you to keep up to date.

1.  In what 24/7 Wall Street calls “a gamechanger,”  FireEye and Visa announced a partnership to help merchants and financial institutions defend against targeted attacks on consumer payment data. It allows them to quickly detect and respond against attacks with a series of web-based services. The move prompted The Street to call FireEye “the Navy Seals of cybersecurity.”  

2.    News broke that China likely hacked into U.S. government computers and compromised the personal information of at least 4 million current and federal employees. It appears the threat actors were targeting those who have applied for top secret clearances. This is just the latest in a string of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups targeting government data, and occured just days after Japan's pension system was hacked (see next story).


3.  Japan’s pension system was hacked, with 1.25 million cases of personal data leaked, according to Reuters. The malware was apparently embedded in emails sent to the Japanese Pension System employees. The attack, and others like it, demonstrate how determined cyber criminals are to infiltrate government systems and steal personally identifiable information.

4.  Forbes reports that 90% of large businesses in the UK have suffered an information security breach, with the cost of breaches growing. Cyber security is a major cost to businesses as well as shareholders, and if the trend continues, the report predicts it will  be a major deterrent for small businesses looking to grow. All too often, companies take a reactive approach to cyber security instead of proactive, which compounds the potential damages of an attack.