FireEye and Visa: A strategic partnership to expand threat protection for the VISA Community


FireEye and Visa have come together to help keep Visa’s global community more secure with our first joint offering of our strategic partnership: Visa Threat Intelligence, Powered by FireEye. This new global offering allows FireEye to combine our deep knowledge of cyber threat actors and the tools they use to infiltrate company and personal information.

Webinar: Visa Threat Intelligence Powered by FireEye

Join us for a live webinar Thur, November 12, 2015 
10:00 am PDT/1:00 pm EDT

The webinar will be on-demand shortly after the session.

Visa Threat Intelligence offers a unique combination that Visa’s ecosystem cares about most—the technology, intelligence, and expertise to provide the Visa merchants, issuers and acquirers with the highest quality threat intelligence to lower their risk profile.

We’ve all read about the recent public data breaches that are so prevalent throughout many industries. The attackers continue to step up their game with more sophisticated techniques for infiltrating our personal information. Until now, merchants daily had to sift through hundreds or thousands of intelligence alerts to determine how to react effectively and quickly. It’s just not possible to process that much information quickly, which means merchants are often reacting to breaches instead of proactively heading off a fast-moving breach that’s targeting their industry. This new partnership between FireEye and Visa means any organization in the payment community can acquire and even share threat intelligence required to defend against with the latest threats.

FireEye and our Mandiant services teams have a deep understanding of how threat groups operate, and we see when an attack is executed against one organization, we know that often the attackers with move quickly to replicate that attack against similar organizations or across an industry. Having the latest knowledge in a simple format allows customers to take the correct countermeasures to increase their security posture and ensure their customers’ information isn’t put at risk. Without this type of content, it’s difficult to determine what threats are targeting a specific market and are the biggest threat against business operations.

The intelligence and threat indicators that Visa and FireEye can provide together through this strategic partnership will help merchants of every size know what vulnerabilities are being targeted and which techniques are being used. It will also provide merchants with simple-to-use suggestions on countermeasures to safeguard their data and networks – ultimately better protecting their environment and keeping their customers’ information more secure.

For more information about Visa Threat Intelligence, Powered by FireEye, email or register for our joint webinar here.