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Three FireEye Product Announcements: What Do They Mean?

This week, FireEye announced a series of products for improved endpoint, malware detection and threat intelligence. These releases underscore our integrated approach to bring about true advanced threat detection.

The key benefits, features, and differentiators of this platform include:

  1. Broader visibility: Our announcements included enhancements to our core network security product MVX, enterprise search for endpoint security with HX, and using threat intel to identify attacks faster and more effectively. These new capabilities give security teams unprecedented visibility into many aspects of advanced attacks.
  2. Accelerated detection and response: We added some new detection methods in MVX to keep up today’s advanced attackers, who are constantly shifting their tactics. These enhancements help our customers stay ahead of attackers, and include some new techniques to better pinpoint attack elements. In addition, at the endpoint, we added a long list of searchable security-related terms that can help find broad and specific indicators of compromise. With endpoint, its not enough to just ask questions—you have to know what to ask. Our HX product has predefined questions based on our years of experience with attacks.
  3. Intelligence-driven response: We announced the FireEye Threat Intel Engine, the Forward Deployed Analyst and the incorporation of threat intelligence into HX. The FireEye Threat Intelligence Engine optimizes the intelligence production cycle: capture, processing, analysis and delivery of intelligence to FireEye customers and analysts. With this capability, we offer security teams detailed alert context and industry-leading intelligence about attacker campaigns, tools, idiosyncrasies, motivations, and more using the FireEye database of threat actors.
  4. Flexibility: Many recent articles have highlighted the talent shortage in today’s security industry. Using our FireEye as a Service model, we introduced the Forward Deployed Analyst service that provides an on-site expert dedicated to infusing FireEye threat intelligence within the customer’s environment. Want to do it yourself? No problem. Need to leverage a qualified resource?  You can do that too.

These new and newly enhanced products enable us to better serve our customers with the latest in threat intelligence, endpoint, and threat detection – enabling them to improve their security posture and ultimately keeping them safer from today’s sophisticated cyber attacks.