Industry Perspectives

FireEye and F5: Simplifying security and network solutions for our customers

FireEye and F5 have just made it easier for customers to protect themselves from cyber threats. FireEye announced today it has partnered with F5, the leader in application delivery networking, to bring better visibility and security to our customers’ enterprise data centers and perimeter network infrastructures. We’re bringing the worlds of network security and information security together in a way that’s easy to consume and easy to support.

We are aligning how we bring our solutions to market. Our global customers can acquire the solutions, in their own market, on established terms. By coordinating our routes to market, we’ve simplified the ways in which customers can engage with FireEye and F5.

Next we’re taking a customer-first approach to solution integration. We’re creating a series of pre-integration templates … the start of a library of use case-based solutions that takes the guesswork out of jointly deploying our products. Together our strategic partnership is doing the background work so our customers can focus more on running and growing their businesses.

Lastly, we’ve taken the extra time to align both companies’ pre-sales and post-sales customer support organizations. This was important to us to ensure our customers have a simplified, streamlined way of interfacing with FireEye or F5, regardless of who they choose to engage.

By coming together with F5, we believe we’ve created an ideal global partnership to give our customers a consistent experience throughout the technology lifecycle, regardless of whether they are engaged with FireEye or F5, or both. This is ultimately a win for our customers, distributors and the FireEye-F5 relationship.