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In Case You Missed It: FireEye Top Stories 11-20

1. Deloitte Ranks FireEye #1:  FireEye is at the top of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list as the highest-ranked cyber security company. FireEye revenue has grown nearly 1,165% from 2011 to 2014, which far exceeds the average of 850% among others on the list. Chairman of the Board and CEO Dave DeWalt credits the company’s leadership, technology and intelligence for the outstanding performance.

2. HX 3.0 Changes Endpoint Protection: New capabilities within the FireEye Endpoint Security HX 3.0 redefine how endpoint protection works. The enhanced tool offers dynamic visibility and proactive inspection to enable analysts to actively investigate and analyze real-time threat activity based on current threats.

3. To Encrypt or Not Encrypt?  CNBC spoke with Shane McGee, FireEye Chief Privacy Officer, about whether encryption to keep data private is doing more harm than good. McGee indicates it’s a fine line between feeling like the public is under government surveillance and yet keeping data safe from the prying eyes of terrorists. Watch the full interview here.

4. Watch out for WITCHCOVEN: The FireEye Threat Intelligence Team discovered a group using web analytics to profile website users, most likely for espionage reasons. The large-scale reconnaissance effort appears to be backed by a nation-state government seeking information on people that could further their cause.

5. Silence Isn’t Golden: FireEye released its Southeast Asia Cyber Threat Landscape report, which highlights targeted attacks against our customers in the region and compares them to the rest of the world. The report details the disparity between the breaches that actually get reported versus the sheer volume of targeted attacks we’ve seen in the area. Sharing threat intelligence is key to giving victims knowledge and power to defend against targeted attacks. The report concludes that by not reporting breaches, the victims allow the attackers to pursue other targets.