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In Case You Missed It: FireEye Top Stories December 18

1. SlemBunk: FireEye researchers identified a series of Android trojan apps that target worldwide banking apps. The still-active malware is designed to imitate the legitimate apps of worldwide financial management institutions and service providers. It can phish for and steal credentials, and each iteration of it has become more advanced and sophisticated.

2. LATENTBOT Strikes Firms: Nine countries have been hit in two years by LATENTBOT, a new highly obfuscated bot. It leaves almost no traces of itself, and can watch its victims without being noticed. LATENTBOT can corrupt a hard disk and make a PC useless.

3. India Urges Global Cyber Convention: At the UN General Assembly, India’s Electronics and Information Technology Secretary told attendees that stakeholders have to be involved to face the challenges of cyber security. He says many cyber challenges are misunderstood and not well addressed. Speaking of the digital opportunity, he emphasized the role of governments, who he said “bear ultimate responsibility for essential services and for public safety” and that requires the need for a global convention to focus on cyber security and cyber crime.

4. Vendor Q&A Series Features FireEye VP : Steve Pataky, VP of worldwide channels and alliances, was featured in Channelnomics hotseat. Pataky discussed why IT vendors should streamline and simplify their partner messaging, and the three most important things vendors should offer their partners. He also looked ahead to the future, explaining how the IT channel will change over the next decade.