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Looking Forward: The 2016 Security Landscape

2015 was filled with one-off incidents, but it also saw plenty of longer-term activity from advanced actors. With the attack surface and threat landscape constantly shifting and evolving, next year is bound to keep IT staffers, vulnerability seekers and security researchers hard at work.

To help prepare, FireEye presents “Looking Forward: The 2016 Security Landscape,” our take on what to expect in the coming year based on comments by some of the brightest minds in the space.

This report features insights from various FireEye experts, including Kevin Mandia, president, Shane McGee, chief privacy officer, Grady Summers, senior vice president and chief technical officer, Ryan Brichant, vice president and chief technology officer of Critical Infrastructure, Bryce Boland, Asia Pacific chief technology officer, and Lance Dubsky, chief security strategist for the Americas.

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FireEye CTO of APAC Bryce Boland counts down the Top 10 Security Predictions for 2016.
Thurs, Dec. 17, 2015 (11 am ET/8 am PT)

In 2016, we have our focus set on attribution – identifying attackers and threat groups. More so, our focus is aimed firmly on getting attribution right, which is no simple task.

We understand that nations are struggling with a rampant influx of powerful new threats. In the cyber realm, countries are looking for ways to establish and enforce behaviors, and attribution will do just that – attribution will deter potential attackers.

Additionally, attribution can potentially soften the blow for breached entities. Since skilled and well-resourced threat actors will inevitably be successful at breaching a company, we believe organizations should not be expected to defend against, for example, a military cyber attack.

And that is not all for 2016.

Other key trends to note include high cost disruptive attacks that are changing the risk profile, infrastructure-based attacks with attention on industrial control systems, an increased focus on weakly secured “Internet of Things” devices, malware targeting next generation payment systems, and Apple in the crosshairs.

We encourage all organizations to focus on prevention in the coming year; however, since we know compromise is inevitable, organizations also must improve in rapidly detecting, responding to, and stopping attacks in 2016.

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