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FireEye and Parsons Pair Up to Protect Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Attacks

The newly announced global strategic partnership between FireEye and Parsons will provide commercial and federal clients enhanced protection of their critical infrastructure and IT environments. FireEye technologies and intelligence, combined with Mandiant services, will lessen risk and increase the security posture of companies in this marketplace concerned with cyber and Advance Persistent Threats (APT).

Parsons' has provided managed services, infrastructure and security advice for more than 70 years, and sees an increased need for more cyber protection based on the progressive threats to its critical infrastructure clients. FireEye researchers and Mandiant incident responders are also reporting increased cyber activity in all business areas, including utilities, transportation, and power. This growing threat is exemplified by the attack in the Ukraine using BlackEnergy malware, which caused disruptions on industrial control systems (ICS) in the country.

The critical infrastructure market is uniquely vulnerable to cyber attacks, given the required connectivity between the physical and the cyber worlds. The same digital abilities that offer the visibility and control over a company’s operation make these desirable cyber targets for attackers looking to steal information, intellectual property, disrupt services and damage equipment.

This is an issue for nations around the world. Globally, governments don’t own the majority of these systems, rather they rely on private companies to develop, manage and protect these critical pieces of infrastructure. When one of these systems goes down, national, economic security and emergency response capabilities can all be put at risk.

Through this partnership, both firms are committed to identifying specific customer opportunities and jointly collaborating on best-of-breed cyber solutions and services. We will specifically focus on all critical infrastructure sectors, including oil & gas, transportation and the federal service. The collaboration will utilize FireEye threat intelligence, technologies, and a full array of Mandiant services to counteract the rapidly growing cyber threats. We intend to showcase the partnership and these offerings at the Parsons Cyber Solutions Center in Centerville, Va. and FireEye’s offices located worldwide.

For more information on the FireEye Parsons partnership, please click here.