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Why Good Enough Cyber Security Is Not Good Enough

As organizations evolve their security practices to identify today’s targeted threats, their aspirations to improve detection rates have coincided with unmanageable alert volumes composed mostly of erroneous or benign alerts.  Enterprises need to be able to cut through the clutter and obtain efficient and actionable results.

In this latest podcast, Josh Goldfarb sits down with Grady Summers, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at FireEye, to look at the “True Cost of Ownership” and the implicit operational cost that is associated with alert volume and the risks that it creates.

Listen to the FireEye Eye on Security Podcast: Good Enough Is Not Good Enough

This podcast summarizes the tradeoff advanced threat protection vendors typically force on their users - between evaluating every potential alert to find the significant threats, assuming that they were even detected in the first place; or to forego reviewing all of the alerts and risking a breach.

Find out how to avoid making this tradeoff by learning about the key requirements that every organization should consider when evaluating their advanced threat protection solution.

Discover the true cost and value of cyber security.