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FireEye and Belden: Partnering to Secure Industrial Control Systems

Today we announced our latest strategic partnership with industrial control system (ICS) leader Belden. The partnership strengthens our ability to help companies who are facing increased cyber threats from the ICS vector. Breaches exploiting ICS vulnerabilities are increasing, with vast financial and production ramifications.  

This growing concern was highlighted in the Feb. 14, 2016 interview between CIA Director John Brennan and CBS 60 Minutes, Mr. Brennan highlighted the significance that CIA places on ICS security by saying:

“… cyber environment can pose a very, very serious and significant attack vector for our adversaries if they want to take down our infrastructure, if they want to create havoc in transportation systems, if they want to do great damage to our financial networks. There are safeguards being put in place. But that cyber environment is one that really is the thing that keeps me up at night.

Belden’s family of companies includes Tofino, GarrettCom, Tripwire and several other leading brands in the area of industrial networking and signal transmission equipment. The combination of Belden’s ICS leadership, FireEye technology, Mandiant services and recently acquired threat intelligence from iSight will provide our joint customers with a best-in-class solution for addressing increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure systems.

Global customers in demanding industrial environments count on Belden solutions where reliability and uptime are critical. By combining Belden’s offerings with the FireEye platform, joint customers will benefit by leveraging our Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) to identify and to proactively hunt for sophisticated attacks targeting their entire environment, across both IT and industrial control environments. Tripwire integration will make configuration changes within process control systems visible to TAP, while allowing our Industrial FireEye as a Service (FaaS) customers to benefit from a fully managed security service that addresses the requirements of ICS environments. Moreover, Mandiant Consulting provides services to assess, audit and advise on the system configuration, which will benefit by leveraging insights gained from Belden industrial offerings.

The FireEye & Belden solution arrives in market at a critical time, as increasingly advanced attacks against critical infrastructure continue to grow in both scale and severity. This growing threat is exemplified by the attack in the Ukraine using BlackEnergy malware, which caused disruptions on industrial control systems (ICS) in the country. Through our partnership, Belden & FireEye can offer our customers a solution that incorporates best-of-breed solutions, world-class professional services, and unparalleled threat intelligence.

For more information on the FireEye & Belden partnership, please click here.

Rich Stegina
Vice President
Global Strategic Partnerships