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Invotas Acquisition and Security Orchestration: The Latest FireEye Game-Changer

At FireEye, we’re proud of our record as the security industry game-changer, the company that leads the way in driving innovations necessary to better protect organizations from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.  The launch of our MVX technology, the integration of Mandiant’s consulting services, and the addition of iSIGHT’s threat intelligence network marking a new era of intelligence-led security are just some examples of the strides we’ve made to raise the bar in next-generation cyber detection and protection.

The announcement we made today – the acquisition of security orchestration and automation provider Invotas – is our latest game-changer. The integration of Invotas’ technologies promises to have a profound effect on a world faced with an escalating threat landscape, addressing critical needs of organizations struggling to keep pace with advance of cyber attacks.

As a result of this acquisition, FireEye will deliver one of the world’s premier security orchestration capabilities as part of the FireEye global threat management platform.  This move will enable FireEye to unify the security product, threat intelligence and incident response elements of the FireEye platform into a single console, giving enterprises the ability to respond more quickly to attacks through automation.

For customers, this signals FireEye’s plan to take the lead in helping customers deal with the severe shortage of resources by automating the security process and building intelligence into their operations. As part of our threat management platform, Invotas’ security orchestration capabilities enable organizations to move from alert to remediation in minutes.

FireEye will expand this orchestration technology, taking our multi-vector threat alerting and enriching it with our contextual intelligence.  We’ll then automate responses based on playbooks developed by FireEye’s Mandiant consultants.

We believe customers will benefit tremendously from this integration of the unique security and orchestration capabilities of Invotas, the power of our innovative security technology, the unprecedented reach of FireEye and iSIGHT cyber threat intelligence, and the unmatched expertise of the Mandiant team.

Learn more about this acquisition in our news release and stay tuned for updates on how our approach to orchestration will mark yet another turning point in cyber security.