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Is Your Board Onboard with Cyber Strategies?

Today's organisations face an uphill battle in cyber security. They face a wide range of trials trying to defend their networks from cyber attacks and while everyone agrees that cyber attackers need to be stopped, they don’t agree on how. One of the biggest challenges is getting a board of directors to understand they face an enterprise risk – not an IT problem.

In this podcast, Grady Summers, FireEye CTO, discusses the cyber issues that organisations face, the communication roadblocks between those on the ground and at the board level, what steps to take to get past these obstacles, and the next big trends in cyber security.

The podcast is available here.  

Grady will also be speaking at the upcoming FireEye Cyber Defense Live event in Paris on April 12, where you can hear his insight into how to develop an effective security program to combat today’s threats. Register today!