FireEye Cyber Defense Summit 2016: The Experts on the Executive Track

The seventh “MIRcon” – now called the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit – will be taking place this month. I’ve been involved in all of them, and since we initiated separate tracks in 2011, I’ve run what is now called the “Executive Track” (formerly the “Management Track”). As track chair, I conduct the call for papers and ultimately decide which speakers will deliver the most value to our attendees. This year I believe I’ve selected a winning combination of experience, perspectives and expertise.

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The afternoon of Nov. 29 features four speakers you will not want to miss. First, longtime Mandiant consultant and now executive director Marshall Heilman partners with lawyer Craig Hoffman to review real-life examples of authentication failures and provide practical advice to detect and investigate credential misuse. Next Alex J. Attumalil from Under Armour will explain how to use and secure cloud services for rapid deployment and on-demand capacity. After a break, Marine Corps SEAL Chuck McGregor from Parsons will apply principles from Sun Tzu, counterinsurgency and kinetic warfare to the digital world. Finally, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Matthew Braverman will review several specific (anonymized) examples from FBI investigations where nation-state actors have successfully hacked into companies or organizations and exfiltrated sensitive material or intellectual property.

The morning of Nov. 30 features three more outstanding speakers. First, PhishMe co-founder and CTO Aaron Higbee will dispel the myth of phishing awareness, based on eight years of work educating users of his company’s services. Next, Brad Lunn from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems will challenge some basic assumptions of how to oversee cybersecurity and the special problems for product-based companies. Then, right before lunch, Blake Turrentine, CEO of HotWAN, will share his experiences participating in the Department of Defense’s “Hack the Pentagon” initiative.

The afternoon of Nov. 30 will showcase our final two Executive Track briefings. Our only panel for this year’s event features Karen Kukoda, FireEye’s Cyber Risk Alliance Director; Ron Bushar, FireEye’s Global Managing Director; underwriter CJ Prusinsky from Beazley; and Ben Beeson, Cyber Risk Practice Leader at Lockton. They will explore the challenges and complexities associated with implementing a risk transfer strategy that complements your company’s security posture. Last but not least, Christopher Porter from the FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence team will share how geopolitical intelligence analysis, and a deep understanding of adversary plans and intentions, led to early warning of cyber operations sponsored by the Russian and North Korean governments.

As you can see, the Executive Track offers a healthy balance of reports from the field, both from incident responders at FireEye and from other organizations. We will address a variety of issues, from cloud security to insurance. We will also investigate issues you’re not going to hear about elsewhere, such as first-hand accounts of hacking the Pentagon. In addition to our great track speakers, I’m personally looking forward to hearing from John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

If these topics interest you, registration is available here. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.