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Best Practices for Securing Government Agencies

I had the privilege of hosting the “Enabling the Government CISO to Command and Protect” panel at the fourth annual FireEye Government Forum in March. During the session, I was happy to hear that many of the government agency representatives in attendance were very much aware of the complexities and realities of cyber security.

However, we operate in an asymmetrical environment, and while our adversaries become more sophisticated, those charged with protecting government networks, critical infrastructure and data are constantly dealing with constrained resources, staffing shortages – or usually both at the same time. 

One of the best ways we can fight back is by constantly sharing best practices and staying up to date on the latest threats that are unique to government organizations. Based on some of the great comments from our CISO panel at the Government Forum, I’ve put together some best practices and will share them in more detail during my upcoming “10 Security Best Practices for Government Organizations” webinar on April 20, 2017, at 10 a.m. PT.  

Through the session, I’ll share how to:

  • Interpret and respond to the latest trends in adversary capabilities and motivations.
  • Integrate and apply cyber intelligence to reduce risk, cost and operational overhead.
  • Improve readiness and response to minimize the impact of a breach.

For more on the threat environment facing government agencies, specific tactics and strategies CIOs and CISOs can pursue to effectively manage those threats, and to learn how you can apply best practices in intelligence-led security into your government organization’s defenses, register for the webinar today.