Making Fortune 50 Security Capabilities Accessible to Any Organization

In a recent set of articles, Joshua Goldfarb, FireEye’s CTO for Emerging Technologies, argues that the days when comprehensive, in-depth security operations were limited to security mature organizations have passed. With today’s integrated solutions and delivery methods, even organizations without large enterprise-sized budgets can have access to the world’s best security – and it is achievable.

In these articles, Joshua explores the framework for how this should be accomplished, key requirements that every organization must consider, and how to execute on these initiatives at the highest possible total ROI.

As featured in Security Week, “Taking Mature Security Operations to the Masses” provides a checklist of essential functions required to help your organization’s security operations mature while incorporating incident response capabilities.

In the Dark Reading article, “20 Questions for SecOps Platform Provider”, Josh provides 20 questions that enable you to determine the best potential vendor to partner with to simplify security operations.  

Learn more about simplifying security operations by adopting an as-a-service approach to cyber security.