Industry Perspectives

Making Cyber Security Operations Simple

Securing cyberspace is no simple task.  Thousands of companies are entering the cyber security market to “cure” the problem – though no cure has come to fruition. After two decades of responding to security incidents, I believe the “cure” for cyber security requires a combination of great technology and great people to combat unauthorized, unlawful, or simply unacceptable behavior on our networks. So even though securing cyberspace is no simple task, we will make it simpler and more efficient to defend our networks with that combination.

When I first became CEO of FireEye, I was very vocal that we would become a company focused on innovation and a pioneer of intelligence-led Security as a Service. What we meant by that is we are building a single platform that blends our technology, intelligence, and expertise to make FireEye a seamless, on-demand extension of our customer’s security operations. By creating a platform in FireEye Helix that integrates hundreds of technologies and automates response to simplify security operations, we will make our customers more productive and effective.

Ultimately our goal is to enable security teams with the capability to sift through mountains of data and pinpoint the data that matters – to go from alert to fix in seconds.  And we have to do this elegantly.

Security should be as simple as waking up in the morning, having a cup of coffee, reading the news, interrogating hundreds of thousands of endpoints, millions of alerts, terabytes of network traffic, and remediating several hundred endpoints with a few taps on your iPad.  We can make that happen.  

Our mission here is simple: to relentlessly protect our customers with innovation and expertise learned on the front lines. We can make this happen because I believe we know more about the bad guys in cyber space than anyone in the private sector; our customers will always benefit from this knowledge – with simplicity and speed.

This is all powered by something that is unique only to FireEye. By responding to hundreds of the world’s largest cyber attacks as a core competence with sophisticated technology, we have built a massive, learning system that empowers us to better safeguard our customers. We have built a business process to consistently learn what bad guys are up to, and how they evade firewalls, next-gen firewalls, AV, next-gen AV, etc.

Our learning system is baked into our business and ensures FireEye has the right technology, expertise, and intelligence to simplify security operations for customers as long as there are bad actors in cyber space.

To hear more about the unique capabilities FireEye has built over the last year, listen to my podcast with Grady Summers, our CTO.