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How Government Agencies are Facing Cyber Security Challenges

The United States federal government relies heavily on information technology to drive efficiencies and increase citizen engagement. However, as with every other modern organization, this reliance on information technology leads to an increasing number of cyber attacks and data breaches, and numerous tough-to-manage risks and challenges.

In response to these cyber attacks and data breaches, along with budget pressure and public expectations of flexibility, the U.S. Government is changing how it addresses cyber threats and larger business risks.

Read our report, How Government Agencies are Facing Cyber Security Challenges, in which we explore how the U.S. government is leveraging the following four strategies to secure its sensitive information and protect its vital infrastructure:

  • Proactive cyber threat hunting
  • Increased use and sharing of cyber intelligence data
  • Continuous security monitoring, with an emphasis on boundary protection and security event lifecycle management
  • Automation and orchestration of security operations

This report outlines the capabilities and processes necessary for government agencies to develop enhanced cyber defense programs that will help to combat progressively sophisticated and pervasive adversaries.

For even more information, register for our webinar on June 14 at 11:00 a.m. ET: How Government Agencies are Facing Cyber Security Challenges. During the webinar, FireEye VP and Global Government CTO Ron Bushar and FireEye Principal Consultant Andrew DelRosario will discuss some of the most common cyber security challenges that government agencies are facing, and how those agencies are moving forward.

Read the report and register for the webinar to learn what government agencies are doing to protect their technology, infrastructure and – perhaps most importantly – the personal data of the general public.