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M-Trends 2018: Tales from the Trenches

It’s hard to believe, but last month marked the release of our 9th edition of M-Trends. To learn more about the latest report, I sat down and spoke with one of the key contributors: Jurgen Kutscher, senior vice president responsible for all of our Mandiant Consulting and Managed Defense offerings at FireEye.

During our conversation, Jurgen and I discussed a wide variety of topics touched on in the M-Trends report, including the significant increase in attacks originating from threat actors sponsored by Iran, a typically dwindling global median dwell time increasing from 99 days in 2016 to 101 days in 2017, how more than half of organizations that were victims of a targeted attack were getting re-attacked by the same or similarly motivated threat actors, and much more.

Check out our podcast today, subscribe to the FireEye Eye on Security podcast series, and also read the M-Trends report to explore the latest and greatest trends that define today’s threat landscape.