Executive Perspectives

Tabletop Exercises – Strengthening Your Cyber Preparedness

You’ve heard it before – cyber threats are inevitable. But that’s no reason to put your enterprise’s response behind the eight ball. If anything, it is a call to ensure you’re doing everything you can to stay ahead of threat actors. Cyber is no longer solely an IT risk; businesses must prepare company-wide for a breach. A compromise can damage an enterprise’s reputation, brand, and bank account. It is a problem that involves people from the board to the legal team and human resources to communications. At FireEye, we believe cyber awareness is essential and every facet of the company should be involved in preparing for a cyber attack.

One effective way to do that? Tabletop exercises. Tabletop exercises evaluate your organization’s ability to effectively execute your cyber incident response plan. Most CEOs and boards know they need to take cyber security seriously, but that knowledge doesn’t always translate into necessary action. Tabletop exercises pull together stakeholders from across the company to bridge the gaps between the information security team and those in compliance, legal, and privacy matters.

Setting up a successful tabletop exercise involves identifying the right people you’d need in a cyber breach. Bringing in a third-party to orchestrate the event ensures participants are able to focus on their assigned roles. With thousands of hours of experience on the frontlines of the world’s biggest breaches, FireEye offers the threat intelligence and knowledge to help make sure the scenario – and your response – are accurate, effective, and on point.

You’ll also need the right tools and the right partners for the job. FireEye will assist with everything from incident response playbooks to crisis management, formulating real-world exercises designed to test your processes and identifying gaps in response. Our tabletop exercises provide easy-to-understand actions and next steps to incorporate into your enterprise risk and security strategies.

In many cases, FireEye partners with law firms to provide expertise on the evolving threat landscape, arming them with the information needed to advise their clients on cyber risk. To find out more about law firm partners that specialize in tabletop exercises and for information on our all our cyber risk partnerships, visit our cyber risk partners page.

Cyber attacks are certain; so is the need for a timely, successful response. FireEye experts can help make sure your company is ready.