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Road to Security Predictions 2019: A Look Ahead with Steven Booth, CSO

As an industry, we conquered much adversity in 2018 and made great headway in the fight for a more secure future. But the road is long and winding. To help figure out some of that uncertainty, we turned to Steven Booth, Chief Security Officer at FireEye, for his thoughts about what’s to come in 2019.

Watch the video to hear what is top of mind for Steven, and then for more reserve your complimentary copy of “Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond”. In the report, Steven dives much deeper into various topics, including cloud, staffing, and what organizations need to be doing and thinking about as we enter 2019.

The report also features insights from several other senior leaders such as Kevin Mandia, as well as FireEye Threat Intelligence analysts, Mandiant incident responders, and FireEye Labs researchers. Additionally, we have included predictions specific to regions outside the U.S, including Asia Pacific, EMEA and Latin America.

Ahead of the report release on November 15, we will release more video snippets from our FireEye experts.


Security Predictions 2019

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