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Road to Security Predictions 2019: A Look Ahead with Martin Holste, CTO for Cloud

Every day we see more organizations moving to the cloud, and naturally attackers are moving right along with them. While the cloud offers many advantages, the attack surface is very broad, and organizations must be taking the right approach to cloud security if they want to ensure their assets are protected.

It was a challenge in 2018 and we don’t expect it to get any easier in 2019, so to help us navigate some of that fog, we turned to Martin Holste, Chief Technology Officer for Cloud at FireEye.

Watch the video to hear what is top of mind for Martin, and then for more reserve your complimentary copy of “Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond”. In the report, Martin dives deep into various cloud-related topics, including how attackers are targeting the increasing amount of data moving to the cloud, and the questions organizations need to be asking in 2019 if they want to stay ahead of those threats.

The report also features insights from several other senior leaders such as Kevin Mandia, as well as FireEye Threat Intelligence analysts, Mandiant incident responders, and FireEye Labs researchers. Additionally, we have included predictions specific to regions outside the U.S, including Asia Pacific, EMEA and Latin America.

The report will be available on November 15, but we have other security predictions content lined up for release prior to and after that date, so be sure to keep an eye out for more!

Security Predictions 2019

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