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CMO Corner: Refreshing our FireEye Brand!

Brand is the totality and essence of a company, and our FireEye brand encompasses everything about FireEye: our purpose, our story, our reputation, our people, our customers, our partners, and our ecosystem. It also defines who we are beneath the surface: our identity, our personality, our work ethic, our integrity, and our attitude. Our brand reflects who we are and who we aspire to be.

In our ongoing effort to stay ahead of new age cybercrime, FireEye has evolved over the years. As we live our mission to relentlessly protect our world by providing a platform that blends together technology, expertise and intelligence, we determined it was time for our visual brand to reflect that transformation.

The FireEye Difference – Technology, Intelligence, and Expertise

And with that, it’s my pleasure to reveal to you our new logo!

This logo symbolizes the three sides of our unique value proposition: our technology, our threat intelligence and our expertise, each growing from focused ideas and extending their influence as they perpetually flow into one another to create the consistently reliable FireEye Innovation Cycle. Our frontline cyber experts gain knowledge from their engagements in the field, that knowledge feeds into our technology, and then our frontline experts use that technology, thus creating and reinforcing an infinite cycle that continues to make our solutions, experts, and intelligence even better. The center of our logo heralds our unified platform and the lens or eye through which we see and capture evil.

Giving a nod to our heritage, our new logo signals our future as an agile and innovative leader. It says, “This isn’t the old FireEye you may have heard about. This is the new FireEye. A uniquely differentiated FireEye, with an integration of technology, expertise and intelligence that no other company in this space offers.”

We’re aligning our broader brand identity and the visual language we use to communicate our message with the world.

The Journey

This brand transformation journey started more than a year ago. As a result of one of our brand research projects, we determined that people were most likely to know of FireEye for our historical legacy of being a sandbox security company, or because they had engaged us at some point on the Mandiant Incident Response side.  

There was a significant opportunity for us to introduce people to the FireEye of today. We’re not just a world-class cyber security technology provider. We don’t just deliver the industry’s best threat intelligence. We’re not just the leading cyber security professional services provider. We are all of this AND the only company in the industry to bring these three elements together into a unified offering.

Bold Language, Bold Approach

We needed a unique approach to our brand and how we communicate our value proposition. The cyber security industry is crowded and noisy and includes more than 2,500 companies by most measures. When you look across that landscape, it is confusing, and there is not a lot of differentiation among their creative approaches. We knew we needed a stand-out creative approach to authentically reflect who we are and how we’re so importantly different from everyone else. Our creative approach took form as a very bold visual language, that was unique and authentic to us. It is based on our “hero” avatars that represented our unique combination of human expertise on the frontlines of cyber attacks and technology coming together to relentlessly protect our customers.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Our new logo and our visual brand identity reflect the amazing journey we have been on. It showcases where we have come as a company over the past several years, our mission, our vision, our north star, and the excitement we have about our future.

I am so proud of Team FireEye, of the work we have done, what we achieve every day and how we do it – with heart and hope. I am so grateful for our marketing tribe for being change agents and for bringing our stories and experiences to life in the most human way. And lastly, a big shout out to my incredible Brand and Creative team, small and mighty, who brought this amazing logo and visual identity to life.

And I know the best is yet to come.

Today’s brand refresh marks a milestone within our bright new horizons. Here’s to amazing futures. #HeartsandMinds