Industry Perspectives

M-Trends Turns 10: A Retrospective

The upcoming release of M-Trends 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of our annual FireEye Mandiant report from the frontlines of cyber investigations. This is the perfect opportunity to take a look back at a decade of investigations into cyber breaches, highlighting encouraging progress in organizations’ security posture, but also showing the many remaining challenges.


Our video retrospective highlights the most important trends and evolutions we have observed over the past decade of working on the frontlines. We will look for example at how key metrics have evolved and the impact of these changes such as:

  • Dwell times have decreased but remain alarmingly high. The global median dwell time decreased from 416 days in 2012 to 101 days in 2018. While the drop is encouraging, the average organization today is giving adversaries more than three months to operate in its networks before remediating.
  • Organizations’ capacity for detecting threats in their own networks is improving. In 2012, organizations found only 6 percent of breaches on their own. By 2018, that number had jumped to 62 percent, indicating the effectiveness of organizations’ investments in cyber security.
  • More organizations are the target of recurring cyber security attacks. In 2013, 38 percent of our clients experienced a new attack within a year post remediation. By 2018, this number grew to nearly 50 percent, highlighting the need for organizations to continue improving their detection and response capabilities post the initial breach. 

Read more about these and other important trends in the 2019 edition of M-Trends. You can reserve your copy of M-Trends 2019 today.