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FireEye Chat: Front and Center With Kevin Mandia and the Evolution of M-Trends

Last week we celebrated the release of the first episode in our new series, FireEye Chat, a talk show where we provide viewers with stories and insights from behind the scenes of cyber security. While we are excited to share some interesting tales from beyond the front lines, we are perhaps even more pleased to be highlighting some of the leaders – the humans – behind these tales, and who in many ways make everything we do possible.

On the series premiere of FireEye Chat, I sit down with a leader who needs no lengthy introduction, Kevin Mandia, to discuss the evolution of one of our biggest reports: M-Trends – a report that I believe changed how we view cyber security and its impact on our world.

When the first M-Trends report was being developed 10 years ago, Kevin was working with a relatively small team at Mandiant. As the group wrote, they had no idea how the community would respond to the content, particularly a term coined in the report: advanced persistent threat (APT). As it turns out, the community response was wonderful and the term APT continues to be used to this day. The following year we highlighted new trends in the second edition of the report and, as the years passed, we added new features such as our now famous global median dwell time and other statistics. Now, just this past February, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of M-Trends. Unbelievable!

Watch our FireEye Chat with Kevin to learn all about the history of M-Trends and more. To read M-Trends 2019 – or any M-Trends report, for that matter – just head over to our M-Trends page. And for even more on the latest M-Trends 2019 report, check out our recent webinar.

I hope you enjoy M-Trends as much as we do!