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FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report – Key Insights for 2020 Planning

As organizations start the process of wrapping up key 2019 cyber security activities and cast an eye out toward 2020 planning, there is a universal need to better understand the trends that shape our industry:

  • What is the state of the cyber threat landscape?
  • What are the top cyber security program initiatives?
  • Are we in line with our own cyber security funding?
  • Are we adequately supporting our initiatives?
  • How mature are we compared to other organizations?

Our desire to help answer these and other core questions is at the heart of the inaugural FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report.

The Cyber Trendscape Report shines a light on the different attitudes that influence how individuals and organizations approach cyber security around the world. We surveyed more than 800 cyber security executives from North America, Europe and Asia, who revealed to us:

  • The trends impacting their decision making
  • Their top cyber security priorities for 2020 and beyond
  • The focus of their risk mitigation strategies
  • Their beliefs and perceptions of the cyber threat landscape
  • How they feel the cyber security industry, governments and regulatory agencies are responding to their needs

The Cyber Trendscape Report provides direct insights that will help organizations benchmark cyber security initiatives, offer data points on leading issues that can be used to support critical decision making, and provide context for discussions with senior leadership, board member and key stakeholders. A few of these data points include:

  • The majority of organizations believe that the risk of cyber threats will increase in 2020.
  • Most organizations do not believe they are ready for or would respond well to a cyber attack or breach.
  • Cyber security budgets are focused on four main categories: prevention (42%), detection (28%), containment (16%) and remediation (14%).
  • While regulatory compliance is the main driver for most cyber security programs, the loss of sensitive data is what keeps senior executives awake at night, not fear of compliance fines.
  • Half of organizations are not covered by cyber insurance and 56% of those who do thought it was difficult to find and overall expressed concerns over the value it provided.
  • Lack of cyber security training remains an issue for most organizations.
  • AI and blockchain are key areas of interest for 2020 and beyond.

Read the FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report for more insights.