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Road to Security Predictions: A Look at 2021 With Sandra Joyce

The global pandemic has upended our lives, changing the way we interact with people and the way we conduct business. Many organizations had minimal infrastructure in place to support a remote workforce, and earlier this year they were left scrambling as the majority of employees began working from home.

Rapid change often leads to oversights in security, and nobody knows that better than threat actors. Unfortunately, attackers don’t rest even in such troubling times, and in fact we are seeing increasing aggression especially when it comes to financial threats such as ransomware.

A big part of having an effective security strategy means understanding the threats that matter most. To help us understand the threats we will be seeing in 2021 and what organizations will have to do to stay ahead of them, we turned to Sandra Joyce, EVP of Mandiant Threat Intelligence.

Security Predictions 2021 - Sandra Joyce

Watch the video to hear what’s top of mind for Sandra as we move into the new year, and make sure to save the date—Nov. 12—for the release of our predictions report, A Global Reset: Cyber Security Predictions 2021. The report features insights from FireEye and Mandiant leaders and experts on some of the biggest topics for 2021, including remote work and the global pandemic, ransomware, nation-state activity, cloud and security validation.

The report is almost here, and so is the latest episode of our quarterly show, FireEye Chat. In this episode we look back at some of our predictions from last year and how they panned out. Head over to our predictions page for additional videos of our FireEye and Mandiant experts talking 2021, and more.