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The Cyber Landscape in Latin America

While many cyber threats and security issues are universal and experienced by organizations in any part of the world, some are more common to a particular region than others. I invited Ryan Goss, Vice President for Latin America & the Caribbean, and Juan Carlos Garcias Caparros, Director of Mandiant Consulting for Latin America and the Caribbean, to talk specifically about cyber security in Latin America.

Juan Carlos shares what threats we’ve seen our customers face in Latin America. He also discusses the security culture in Latin America, comparing maturity of organizations to those in United States or Europe. We also explore whether attitudes are shifting around cyber security in boardrooms. Ryan believes it’s moving in a good direction, but that many companies still treat cyber security as an afterthought, which leads to lower overall budgets and forces security teams to focus on solutions that are “good enough” or at least allow them to “check the compliance box”. Thus the importance of FireEye leading with Mandiant Solutions and establishing ourselves as trusted advisors and true partners for our customers.

We wrap up the episode by touching on cyber training, security validation and unexpected activity from North Korea targeting financial institutions throughout Latin America.