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Breaking Down Malicious Insider Threats

"Legitimate access rules the threat landscape," says Jon Ford, Managing Director at Mandiant. In addition to loss of intellectual property, malicious insiders are increasingly impacting organizational reputation, customer trust and investor confidence. There’s a lot more to insider cyber security threats than disgruntled employees, which is the first thing that comes to mind for most when they think of this threat. Jon Ford, Managing Director of Mandiant, and Johnny Collins, Director of Mandiant, joined me to break down what insider threats are and the trends Mandiant is seeing in recent investigations.

Johnny began by defining insider threats—from unintended link clicking, all the way up to human enabled technical operations (think meet-ups in parks while avoiding all electronic communications that you see in movies). Both Johnny and Jon shared how organizations on the commercial and government sides are thinking about insider threats as part of their overall risk and security posture, and how clients are approaching insider threat security from a behavior-focused approach as opposed to targeting or profiling individuals.

Then we got to the good part: stories from recent investigations they’ve worked on through Mandiant’s Insider Threat Security Services offerings. You might be surprised by the outcomes of a few of them. Johnny and Jon went on to highlight the various tiers of Mandiant’s Insider Threat Program Assessments and Mandiant’s Insider Threat Security as a Service offering with Mandiant Intelligence. Johnny and Jon close with shared thoughts on the growing Insider Threat trends we’ll see in the near future.

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