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Tackling Supply Chain Security

Whether it is shipping disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic or compromises into software platforms used by hundreds of organizations, supply chain issues are back in the spotlight. In this episode of Eye on Security, we are joined by Bryan Ware, CEO of Next5 and former Assistant Director of Cybersecurity at CISA.

Bryan shares his perspective on the state of supply chain security, noting the various definitions that often organizations might conflate in looking at this problem and some of the current challenges that are bringing this issue to the forefront at the moment. We delve into some particular industries, such as national security and the defense industrial base, where these problems are not new. We also discuss critical infrastructure and some of the challenges there, particularly with less well-resourced utilities at the local level.

Lastly, we delve into potential solutions to mitigate risk in this space, from the role the federal government can play in this to steps individual organizations can take to mitigate their risk through accounting for who their vendors are and incentivizing best practices of their partners as well. Listen to hear this and more!