How Forrester Sees the Evolution of FireEye

On March 30, Forrester released a brief entitled, “FireEye is Evolving into an Enterprise Security Vendor.” In this brief, Forrester discusses our evolution from a malware analysis specialist to an enterprise security vendor with solutions for prevention, detection and remediation. The brief is highlighted by FireEye's acquisition of automation specialist Invotas International, which came just 10 days after its acquisition of threat intelligence specialist iSIGHT Partners.

Forrester notes that “FireEye matures by combining intelligence, analytics and workflows,” and that we are “now focused on building an integrated platform of technology offerings.” All of this validates our corporate strategy to build on an intelligence-led security platform designed to reduce risk and protect entities across all stages of their security workflow.

Underlying this platform is a foundation that combines FireEye’s patented virtual machine behavior-based approach for detecting unknown threats with Mandiant’s deep insights from responding to the world’s most consequential breaches and iSIGHT Partners’ vast experience gleaned from its worldwide tracking of more than 16,000 adversaries.

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