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The Expanded FireEye as a Service: More Coverage, More Partner Support

Having to deal with an oppressive flood of unreliable alerts makes protecting your assets and data from threats extremely difficult, if not impossible. You need to be able to discern what’s real and what’s not, but most security teams only have the bandwidth to investigate a tiny percentage of alerts. Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) haven’t proved to help much as they merely siphon the volume of alerts into a funnel that pours the investigative burden right back onto you, leaving you right back where you started: overwhelmed.

Enter the newly expanded FireEye as a Service (FaaS).

Enhanced with a dedicated partner program and new threat coverage options, FaaS acts as an extension of your security team. But where your security team members go home and get some sleep, FaaS never stops working for you. Powered by the intelligence-led FireEye Security Platform and expert security analysts around the world, FaaS provides continuous compromise assessment and response, detecting intrusions early and rapidly investigating them, thereby drastically minimizing the scope, impact, and cost of a breach.

Furthermore, it uses FireEye’s extensive global customer base spanning all major vertical markets to analyze activity for signs of emerging campaigns and instantly deploy protection against them. It also provides regular updates on investigations and delivers definitive, contextual, action-oriented reports that allow you to fully understand the threat, assess the risk, and take recommended action.

But FireEye understands that not all companies need the same level of coverage. The new expansion of FaaS make it easier than ever for organizations to get support from FireEye for the type of threats they need addressed. There are now three threat coverage options:

  1. Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)-Only: Covering critical, major and minor APT and point-of-sale alerts.
  2. High-Priority: Covering all threat types (targeted and unknown) considered critical or major in severity.
  3. Full Coverage: Covering all threat types critical, major or minor.

In addition to the new threat coverage options, FireEye as a Service is also adding:

  • Tiers of service that range from a simple notification to investigation and validation of an alert, to proactive hunting
  • Easy purchase process with a simplified pricing model that scales for increasing visibility over time
  • Easy-to-understand reporting with simple, graph-based summaries of threats and response efficacy

FireEye has also introduced the FireEye as a Service Delivery Partner Program, in which FireEye works with selected partners to provide expertise from FireEye threat analysts. The Herjavec Group is the first partner in the program. Via the FaaS Partner Program, FireEye threat analysts become an extension of the partner’s team. The partner continues providing its own cyber security services to its own clients and customers, while FireEye provides support in the form of back-end monitoring, investigation, and proactive hunting.

As part of this partner program, FireEye has created a new accreditation  - the FireEye Certified Threat Assessment Manager (TAM) – so the partners’ customers can be assured the partner has the knowledge and support necessary to describe and deliver all information created from the FaaS service.

This next phase of FireEye as a Service represents a major leap on the transformation to Security as a Service, and we will continue to share updates at FireEye and within FaaS as we build towards this new world for our customers.