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FireEye & Visa: Taking a Look at Threats to Hospitality

According to the latest M-Trends report, 53% of network compromises are identified by an external organization and not the internal IT dept. Using intelligence that only highlights a specific attacker tool or file signature leaves organizations unaware of the true risks that they face. This is especially apparent in industries like hospitality where massive amounts of customer data and credit card information is stored.

Join us on Thursday, May 5 2016, 10 a.m. (PST) as we present Visa Threat Intelligence Series: Latest Threats Against the Hospitality Sector where attendees will discover the latest information about a group of financially motivated criminals that FireEye recently identified as FIN6 that specifically targets the hospitality industry. We’ll cover ways the attackers are getting in and how you can  identify and prevent attacks from this group.

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We are excited to work closely with our partner Visa to offer attendees an unprecedented look into the threats targeting specific industries. With the knowledge FireEye has built by identifying and stopping the latest attacks combining with the visibility that Visa sees in transactions around the world we believe that attendees will come away with the knowledge they need to defend against today's attacks.