FireEye Cyber Defense Summit 2016: The All-New Solutions for Industry Track

We’ve all heard the story: organizations are constantly being targeted by advanced attackers – from nation states to criminal organizations – employing increasingly sophisticated tactics, techniques and procedures. Whether these targets are regional hospitals or Fortune 500 firms, organizations must weigh the cost of protection with talent shortfalls, compliance standards and a market cluttered with point solutions. The customers and prospects we talk to constantly remind us that they do not want to be in the business of security. Instead, they want to be running their hospitals, governments, manufacturing firms or airlines, and security often gets in the way or affects their ability to innovate.

New to the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit for 2016, the Solutions for Industries Track will shed light on some of the unique challenges facing organizations in a variety of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, utilities, healthcare and critical infrastructure. Attendees will hear from thought leaders and practitioners about specific solutions that have worked for them – methodologies and tools for conducting incident prevention, detection and response. The presenters will explore real world examples of best practices for their respective industries, such as the use of digital forensics, risk management strategies, or intelligence-based detection. By hearing these unique perspectives on cyber security, we are hoping attendees will be able to design their own solutions so they can go back to doing what is core to their business.

In our 2016 lineup, Sanjeev Sah, CISO at Texas Children’s Hospital, will describe how thought leaders are thinking about security for the healthcare industry. Sah will explore strategies around continuous network monitoring in healthcare, the technology landscape, business drivers in security management and the value of a security as a service approach. Also discussing healthcare is Mark Baenziger, Threat Assessment Manager with FireEye, who will explore how intrusion detection and response will have to change in the brave new world of connected medical devices.

Others in the lineup include Ricardo Lafosse, Cook County CISO, who will delve into the compliance and organizational challenges facing local government, as well as the importance of detection and workflow management and the value of FireEye tools. Frank Weigel of Credit Karma and Joe White of Stanford University will be discussing innovative ways of decreasing the attack surface across any organization. Nathan Kottkamp of McGuireWoods will provide a legal view of the most important issues for HIPAA compliance, including how organizations can incorporate these into organizational policy and everyday workflows. Russ Cohen, Director of Cyber and Privacy Services at Chubb, and Ron Bushar, Vice President at Mandiant, will offer perspectives on cyber risk insurance – another key arrow in a security team’s quiver. Cohen and Bushar will introduce Cyber COPE as a new underwriting framework for improving and simplifying cyber and privacy risks, as well as the importance of conducting Cyber Insurance Risk Assessments.

We’ll also hear from David Meltzer, Chief Research Officer with Belden/Tripwire, who will be sharing real world cases to illustrate what can be done to protect industrial control systems, endpoints and networks. Last, but definitely not least, Chris Sistrunk and Josh Triplett of FireEye will showcase some of the unique issues in conducting incident response and forensic analysis in industrial networks such as SCADA systems.

We look forward to seeing you at this insightful new track. More information on the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit 2016, and registration, is available here.