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Our Vision for the Future of Security – It’s Simple

Today at the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit, we introduced a unified platform that simplifies, integrates, and automates security operations for organizations of all sizes and industries. Designed to be delivered everywhere – public or private cloud, on premise or hybrid, network and endpoint – it can be deployed to conform to your security requirements and as you move to the cloud.

We call this platform -- FireEye Helix. And for those of you missed the in-person announcement, please join me tomorrow, November 30th at 1pm ET/10am PT as I introduce Helix via Facebook Live here:

FireEye Helix offers all organizations proven, signature-less, real-time prevention, detection, response and remediation capabilities against all threats. It is the foundation upon which any organization can simplify, integrate and automate their security program.

FireEye Helix delivers a new, unified user experience across all of your security investments. Foundational to this experience, is the ability to send it event data from any and all components of the IT and security infrastructure. Organizations can then overlay FireEye’s unparalleled threat intelligence from FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence and correlate across data sources in order to triage the threats that might be buried in that data. Security teams can also automate actions or perform rich analytics to detect lateral movement, data exfiltration, account abuse and user behavior anomalies.

A single sign-on infrastructure combined with common cloud components for those using our cloud solutions will eliminate friction for an organization’s security analysts. And finally, APIs will allow you to customize our capabilities and integrate FireEye Helix into existing processes.

We believe that this approach will help organizations:

  • Collectively raise security operations:  Integrate with and enhance existing security tools with automated correlation, FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence and context from existing security investments
  • Build immediate situational awareness and simplified investigations with a unified console and reporting dashboard
  • Identify otherwise undetectable attacks by combining high fidelity detection via MVX driven detection with all third party alerts in your environment, reducing the number of false positives and low fidelity alerts that slow down analysis and response, ultimately raising organizations’ visibility into threats
  • Reduce operational costs by automating Tier 1 analyst functions and accelerating Tier 2-3 processes while reducing the impact of employee churn

FireEye Helix And The Security Ecosystem

The FireEye Helix platform offers unique capacities and value for customers; but we also understand that security isn’t going to be solved by one technology or one company. But we can make it better for everyone.

Every customer’s environment is unique and their threat profile specific to the organization. FireEye Helix will provide the extensible foundation to solve the biggest challenges in cyber security and we’ll work with our partners to customize customers’ implementation, management and support of FireEye Helix. We’ll also work with our technology partners to ensure Helix seamlessly integrates into their environment.

By strategically partnering across the cyber security ecosystem, we can offer customers more security, while making their security investments more valuable and reducing the cost of operations.

All of these are important components of the breach lifecycle that traditional security point products are blind to.  The visibility we provide, allows organizations to easily pivot from detection to investigation to response — or from network to endpoint with unified dashboards, search and reporting.

To become an early adopter of FireEye Helix or to sign up to learn more, please visit