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Expanding Our Partnership Vision With F5’s New Security Platform

When we first launched our strategic partnership with F5 more than a year ago, the reasoning was very simple: FireEye customers needed a way to gain better visibility into SSL encrypted traffic. And by leveraging the trusted application infrastructure investments they made with F5’s BIG IP platform, they could also manage their SSL encrypted traffic in an easy to support and deploy, cost-effective fashion.

What we quickly discovered early on in this partnership was that SSL deployments vary significantly from customer to customer. Customer requirements are as unique as the businesses themselves, and they require not only broad and diverse support for things such as key management, various SSL protocols and standards, and the SSL lifecycle, but also the support for the surrounding SSL infrastructure and ecosystem.

How could we make this easier for customers?

We started by simplifying the way our solutions can be acquired by creating pre-sized and configured joint bundles to be purchased through the customer’s reseller of choice. We expanded on this by investing in training for our customer-facing sales and support organizations.

To make it easier for customers to deploy these products together, we worked with the F5 team to create and maintain an iApp integration template that simplifies configuration and time to value. iApp’s are available natively within F5’s TMoS operating system, and can be updated as new releases are available through F5’s DevCentral developer community.

Additionally, we created a support matrix to certify the integration between our joint solutions to ensure our mutual customers will always get the support they require to deploy our products together – guaranteed.

The investments we’ve made together mean that customers can get up and running with FireEye and F5 from Day 1, thus eliminating the guesswork, complexity, and time normally required to integrate, test, and support independent solutions – because we’ve done that work for them. Customers have asked for these types of solutions and that is why we continue to place our trust in F5, and why we are also expanding our partnership to include their new Herculon product line of security appliances.

Herculon is a new security platform that takes F5’s experience with BIG-IP and provides insight for the visibility gaps created by the growing use of encryption for application data. With dedicated security hardware for SSL visibility, F5 now provides leading cryptographic capabilities, context-aware dynamic service chaining, and native integrations. Heculon products enable customers to enhance detection, enforcement and orchestration together with F5 and FireEye.

We are extremely excited to support this significant partnership and integrate with the leader in the SSL encryption and security space. To learn more about our partnership, come visit our partner pages here and here, or contact your local F5 and FireEye rep.