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FireEye Changes the State of the State of Missouri

In Missouri, the Information Technology Services Division’s Office of Cyber Security (OCS) is responsible for safeguarding the state’s information systems. OCS provides expertise in information security management to all state agencies and supports national and local homeland security efforts.

As Missouri saw other states being impacted by cyber crime, it looked to partner with a company that was widely known to be a leader in the security space. OCS is all about incident response and, following a detailed proof of concept, OCS irrefutably proved that FireEye could help the organization deliver.

FireEye technology has enabled OCS to shift to being proactive and incident response driven. One of OCS’ most significant actions has been the deployment of FireEye Network Security (NX) to protect against cyber breaches. With NX, the State of Missouri was getting unprecedented levels of visibility across its entire infrastructure for the first time.

Michael Roling, the State of Missouri's chief information security officer who oversees OCS, reported being very happy with the FireEye technology and the relationships that his organization has developed with the company – from sales to support to engineering.

“FireEye has helped shape our thinking, and even our culture,” Roling stated. “Just introducing the NX appliance within our network immediately raised awareness; not only within IT, but we could share that intel, and what’s happening with the business, with our stakeholders. They could immediately see the value of the solution.”

Roling continued, “At the end the day, I want the best technology and I want the best solutions to detect compromises and advanced malware. FireEye is spending money in the right ways: in research and development.

“The relationship that we have with FireEye is without a doubt worth its weight in gold.”

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