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FireEye Solutions Deliver the Goods for Stater Bros. Markets

As the largest privately owned supermarket chain in Southern California, end-to-end protection is of the utmost importance for Stater Bros. Markets. The company sells groceries to millions of customers in multiple counties across the region and is the largest private employer in both San Bernardino County and Riverside County.

To meet its security needs, Stater Bros. Markets examined a wide variety of security products. After performing its own in-depth internal testing, the supermarket chain decided that FireEye solutions were the best fit to efficiently defend its environment against today’s advanced threats.

Stater Bros. Markets deployed the FireEye Network Security (NX) solution to protect against current and previously unknown, advanced attacks. The NX platform utilizes the signature-less Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine in conjunction with an intrusion prevention system (IPS) and intelligence-driven detection.

Additionally, the grocery chain implemented a FireEye Email Security (EX) on-premise appliance to secure against advanced email attacks. The FireEye Endpoint Security (HX) solution was added to enhance endpoint visibility and enable an adaptive defense against known and unknown threats.

The integration between the FireEye appliances creates a coordinated framework to provide Stater Bros. Markets with industrial-strength end-to-end protection. The FireEye solutions facilitate connectivity with existing systems to fully leverage all previous investments made in security measures.

The advanced infrastructure also has saved the company time and money.

“Our ability to detect and react to an incursion is no longer a manual approach but a well-structured process centered around the HX platform,” Ben Cabrera, network supervisor at Stater Bros. Markets, said. “The FireEye solution displaces at least 1.5 FTE that would previously be required to manually track down incidents with questionable efficacy. We approximate this number to be $225,000 per annum in hard ROI.”

Cabrera continued, “We rely on FireEye daily: It’s changed the way we do security in my organization. It gives us a visibility that’s unheard of, and we never expected to get the results we did.”

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